Senior Software Engineer – Delivery area

Job description

In Delivery area we take care of all outbound logistics processes. We take the orders from our customers and we decide what is the best way to pack them and what is the most optimal route to send them to our customers to utilize our large logistics network across Europe and to offer the best service to our customers. We also make sure that our logistics networks, that consists of fulfillment centers across Europe and numerous delivery service providers, is optimally planned so we can fulfill our customer’s demand. For us it is very important that our customers get the order as soon as possible and therefore we make sure that everything is properly packaged, and we make sure that the packages are tracked every single step of the way until it’s safely reached its destination.

Here's an overview of the way we work and the technologies we use, to best achieve this goal:

  • Our team assumes end-to-end responsibility for our systems, from inception to implementation, delivery, testing, deployment, and maintenance.
  • We have a high focus on operational availability since our systems directly serve our customers. Horizontal scalability plays a central role in our design and development process.
  • Testing plays a big role in our development process. We run a wide range of tests to ensure good quality code (unit, integration, performance, end-to-end, etc.).
  • Automation is always celebrated in our team, whether it be mundane daily tasks or our CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins. If it can be automated, we automate it!
  • We put heavy emphasis on cloud-based solutions configured and maintained with the help of Terraform. Our AWS stack currently consists of Lambda, SQS/SNS, S3, CloudFront, RDS, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, and ElastiCache.
  • We implement containerized REST APIs using modern Java and Kotlin technology stacks (mostly based on Spring Boot), Docker, Kubernetes/Helm.
  • Monitoring is done using InfluxDB/Grafana, Prometheus, and ELK stacks.
  • Our backend engineers have the chance to also help our frontend engineers and take part in frontend development with TypeScript and React.
  • No human is perfect, which is why we as a team do our best to create a supportive, constructive, and understanding environment that allows each member to grow and improve.

What you will be doing as a Senior Java Backend Engineer if you will join our team:

  • Developing software solutions for one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in Europe to enable our growing business.
  • Building systems that handle live traffic.
  • You will be working in a challenging Agile environment, developing complete solutions, and taking part in all the software's life cycle. From concept design to development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • Encouraging passion to automate anything boring or repetitive.
  • Embracing DevOps mindset and owning your solutions.
  • Building trust and cooperation between teams across the company.


  • 6+ years practical experience in software development with Java-based technology stack
  • You have experience with a modern web app development using Java-based technology stack, as well as cloud-based tools and microservices architecture
  • Designing, implementing, and delivering cloud-native systems as well as containerized microservice-based systems
  • Hands-on experience with DevOps tools and practices (container orchestration, CI, monitoring and alerting, AWS)
  • Experience developing admin UIs
  • Passionate about writing clean, modular, testable code, designed with architectural principles in mind and proper use of design patterns
  • Trust, self-organization, shared responsibility describes the best environment for you to thrive in
  • Having leadership and mentoring experience is a plus
  • Fluency in English and good communication skills

What we are offering you

  • Chance to become a part of dynamically growing international company
  • Training opportunities and professional development
  • Motivated multi-cultural teams and enjoyable work atmosphere
  • English and German language courses on company premises
  • Benefit package (private medical care, Multisport)
  • Table tennis, foosball, fresh fruits and beverages, company events
  • Discount in zooplus shop
  • Central office location
  • Mobile phone
  • Full time employment contract
  • Flexible working hours
  • And… 4 extra days off 😊